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Quick Tips for Riders: A little fitness goes a long way pt 1

hanks for tuning in for my first Fitness Friday installment! I’m not going to reinvent the treadmill here – but I do hope to pass along some ideas and inspiration at the very least.  Staying fit as a rider and horseman is very important. Not only to bring out the best in yourself but to offer it to your horse as well. When you are fit... you look good, you feel good, you ride good. #fitnessfriday on Instragram follow and tag @_integratedequine_.

[caption id="attachment_362" align="aligncenter" width="1600"]

Multi-tasking: Playing friendly game, building stamina, giving horse exercise and giving the kid fresh air.[/caption]

Time is a finicky thing isn't it? It takes too long to break a colt but the hours fly by when you need to get barn chores done. “There are never enough hours in a day” is the MAIN complaint I get from most people. I’m preaching to you from the pew on this one here folks. I am the worst culprit for not having enough time and not using it wisely either. So I've harnessed my approach to multitasking to bring you… Staying Fit…when time is limited. 

Few years ago I was round.  Not like a fat unfit ‘round’, more like a third trimester ‘round’. Then, I had my daughter and my dreams were flushed down the toilet  put into what I like to call "transition mode". Anyone that is familiar with this mode will tell you…IT SUCKS. Basically all my free time for staying fit for my horses and myself went completely away.  But eventually I was able to gain back my stamina, give away my baby weight, and get creative with my horse. I so desperately missed my time with the horses, and didn't get a whole lot of alone time for my self any more, but I wasn't going to let time get me down.

I had to safely figure out a way to multitask. Whether is was strapping my kid to my back to red light a horse, work feverishly fast to trim hooves while she slept, or push the stroller while she napped. I got creative to gain back my stamina from before I was pregnant.By being consistent and making a routine allowed me to give away my baby weight. I didn't have to worry about calorie counting or going to the gym. I simply did my normal horse routine as much as my schedule allowed when baby was in tow.Let’s face it, if you are either OCD (like me), a mama (like me) or lazy (like me) getting creative falls into your category. I struggled with finding a safe place to leave my kid while I rode, so I pushed the stroller and played some major friendly game (i.e. desensitizing) with my horse. Pushing stroller in arena sand builds stamina with resistance training, and pushing it on gravel lets my horse’s hooves become more calloused! #winwin[caption id="attachment_361" align="aligncenter" width="1600"]

Challenge yourself to keep cadence to the beat of your music, and get your horse to synchronize his steps with yours![/caption]

The main point I am trying to make is that you don’t have to feel stuck in your situation or schedule. Make it work for you to the most reasonable degree. Brainstorm ways to give yourself a workout and stretch your horse’s legs too.  Just because you only have a 1 hour lunch break doesn't mean you have to do 500 crunches and come back sweaty. And just because you have a family to take care of doesn't mean you have to let your horses fall to the way side. You can do it! You can stay fit and stay busy! Don't let time be your excuse that takes away from your passion with horses! If I can do it, so can you.

[caption id="attachment_363" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]

Exercising releases endorphin's! Don't get bummed stuck inside with your kid all day - get some fresh air. It makes everyone happy![/caption]

**FIT TIP** Lights, camera, action! Red light yourself or horse before you exercise to help recovery time, bring your camera/smart phone  and listen to music  to keep cadence to the beat and stay motivated, exercise yourself into actionno matter how silly you feel or look.

What are ways that you have found to stay fit for yourself and for your horse? Post your tricks for staying fit on a tight schedule below! #fitnessfridays on Instragram follow and tag @_integratedequine_.

>>Note: Colorado has some CRAZY weather...these pics were seemingly moments before it snowed! Now we are clearly in winter in many parts of the map - But there is not reason not to bundle up and use the stroller as resistance training!<<

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