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Equine Experts Interview - Walt Thorp

In order to grow, one must learn. In order to learn, one must study. That’s what my “Equine Experts Interview” installments will help you with –Gaining knowledge from an expert: “a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area.” 

This week we will be learning from Idaho resident equine expert, Walt Tharp! Not only is he an expert in her field of horses, but he also serves as steward of equine wellness!  I have had the pleasure of visiting with Walt over the years at several different trade shows and events. Not only does he love horses he’s actually quite the hand – training at cow dogs and writing cowboy poetry in his spare time! Walt is well spoken about hoof care, horse health and passionate about pursuing the dignity of our favorite creatures. Please enjoy this informative interview and check out the essential products that Walt sells at Porta-Grazer.



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1.) If you could paraphrase what you do for your career with horses what would it sound like? Develop products to achieve natural digestive and mental health for equines. 2.) What were three important accomplishments that allowed you to develop into your current profession with horses?1) Being raised on a ranch having a lifetime of contact with horses. 2) Active curiosity and the desire question what doesn’t sound right no matter who says it or how long it has been in practice. 3) 40 years experience designing products and developing companies on a corporate level. 3.) What have horses taught you most about people, and what have people taught you most about horses? 1)  That humans generally are lazy and irresponsible being more likely to do what is easy for them than what is good for their horse. 2)  That they think it is more important how you treat a horse when it is sick than when it is well. 4.) Name one thing that you think would be valuable for every horse owner to know. The healthy benefits of grazing.  5.) What aspects/parts of the equine industry do you think should be more integrated , and which areas already do a good job of it?Veterinarian practices need promote natural healthy ways to care for horses. 

6.) Share a goal or aspiration you would like to see the horse industry meet or one that you have for yourself. Horse owners to be more educated in the digestive needs of their horses. 7.) Please tell us one thing that you do that is “natural” for your equine partner. Always allow him to gaze. 8.) Share one of the funniest or most memorable moments you have had surrounding horses horse-people.On a hot day wearing only a pair shorts while unhooking the LQ.  The electric landing gear was running to raise the trailer from the truck.  The tail gate was down so I leaned over on it while waiting for the trailer to lift.  I touched my butt against the power shaft and my shorts got caught. I grabbed on to the truck and held on while my shorts were torn from me and wrapped around the shaft.  The results were a naked me standing in my driveway. 

9.) Please list some fun facts about yourself related or unrelated to horses.

I write and perform humorous cowboy poetry, I train and show cow dogs.

10.)*What does ‘natural horsemanship’ mean to you?*  Putting your equines natural needs and abilities before your own wants and needs. When a horse can’t learn it is usually because of a bad teacher.

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