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Equine Experts Interview - Allen Landes

In order to grow, one must learn. In order to learn, one must study. That’s what my “Equine Experts Interview” installments will help you with – gaining knowledge from an expert. The dictionary defines the word ‘expert’ as : “a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area.” 

This week we will be learning from Colorado Equine Veterinarian,Allen Landes. Not only is he an expert in his medical field of horses, but he also serves as defender of the horse.  I have been able to work with this awesome guy at a professional level for the past several years, I can say WITH OUT a doubt he is one of the most hard working horsemen I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. And I might add you won’t find most vet’s rescuing horse’s out of ditches in the morning, and doing acupuncture on a performance case that afternoon. In his spare times he delves into enhancing his education about Natural Horsemanship, hoof care and dentistry to reach a level of mastery. This is a super-hero in a vet truck, please read about 10 fast facts from Allen Landes!

1.) If you could paraphrase what you do for your career with horses what would it sound like?

I’m a horse doctor​

2.) What were three important accomplishments that allowed you to develop into your current profession with horses?

Growing up on a farm/ranch, graduating from Veterinary School, and marrying my wife.

3.) What have horses taught you most about people, and what have people taught you most about horses?

​Horse have taught me that people are the ultimate prey animal, but we can become more like horses and horses never lie unlike some humans. ​People have taught me that horses are more than just an animal, they can be companions for life.

4.) Name one thing that you think would be valuable for every horse owner to know.

​Think a little like a horse does, and really watch your horse. Not just for a minute or two, but watch them for hours and see what they are really like with other horses.​

5.) What aspects/parts of the equine industry do you think should be more integrated , and which areas already do a good job of it?



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​I think that the veterinary side and training side of the industry need to be more integrated. Some people are horseman and some are not, and yet they are working with horses.

6.) Share a goal or aspiration you would like to see the horse industry meet or one that you have for yourself.

​I want to be really good with my own horses.

7.) Please tell us one thing that you do that is “natural” for your equine partner.

When I pick up horses feet, I use the natural way of doing it. I pick up a lot of feet examining horses, and I have had very few respond to the way I pick them up.

8.) Share one of the funniest or most memorable moments you have had surrounding horses horse-people.

​One of the most memorable moments around horses is watching my mare give birth to our foal and having my son at the age of 11 being with me. ​Then watching her grow up into a fine partner.

9.) Please list 5 fun facts about yourself related or unrelated to horses.

​I have 6 grandchildren ages ​10-5 and I own 2 mulesI served 4 years active duty in the US Army, and 8 years in the Colorado National GuardI rode bareback and saddle bronc horses in high school and while serving in the Army in GermanyI am a lefty although growing up in a right-handed world I can do many things with both hands, except throwing, and I do that right handed only….I rescued a horse from a ditch once. (WATCH the amazing video here. )

10.)*What does ‘natural horsemanship’ mean to you?*

Developing a partnership and open communication between horse and human.


Dr. Landes was born and raised on a ranch in Monte Vista, Colorado. Besides working with horses and mules as a teenager, he rode both bareback and saddle bronc horses. He then entered the armed forces. While stationed in Europe, he continued riding rough stock. He loved the connection with horses. Once he completed his tour of duty with the military, he returned to Colorado to work in a Paint and Quarter horse breeding and show facility, while planning a career in veterinary medicine.

In the late 1980’s, he entered school and received his degree in veterinary medicine from Colorado State University. After graduating with his doctorate, he moved to Illinois for an opportunity to work in a mixed practice. There he was able to assume the primary role as small animal surgeon and equine emergency clinician. His goal to work in an exclusively equine environment took him to a multi-doctor equine specialty practice in Frankfort, Illinois. Through this new practice environment, he was able to concentrate his focus and begin to specialize in equine reproduction, medicine, and dentistry.

In April of 2001, Dr. Landes and his family returned to Fort Collins and he joined Equine Medical Service as one of the staff practitioners. In December of 2008, Dr. Landes purchased Equine Medical Service from Dr. Altman.. He currently focuses on medical cases, dentistry, lameness cases and has an intense interest in acupuncture and chiropractics.

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