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Bloom where you are planted - Cowgirl Chronicles

“Real original…post a pic of a flower in nature and couple it with an even flowery quote!

Two of my most favortie quotes are: ‘bloom where you are planted’ and ‘you aren’t a tree - move’. two completely opposite quotes but each appropriate in their given context. I often used the tree quote because I think people underestimate the ability they have to change a situation. many times we think we have roots in a certain circumstance or area of our life that is causing us aches and pains when really we can just up and leave and go some place better. more supportive -more conducive to growth. I like the tree quote bec it challenges us not to put our roots/intentions/energies/efforts into something or someone that doesn’t promise fruit. More often that not we have the power to make a decision of what we want to surround ourselves with - so this urges our minds to remember our reality.

however sometimes that’s not the case. Sometimes we really can’t up and leave a person, place or predicament.

there is a song by K.K. that has given me a lot of perspective. Part of the song lyrics go like this; “When the sky is falling, when life is a dream, i’m fortunately falling to the beauty between.”

If you look closely beyond those brilliant blooms  - you’ll see they are intertwined on a fence. A rusty ancient barbed wire fence. This fence separates two pastures. The flowers have seemingly appeared out of nowhere - out of their typical spring season to bloom there anyway.

Sometimes the distance between where we came from and where we are headed seems like we will be stuck there forever. The fence we are trying to climb that is separating us from relief we can see in the distance seems impossibly tall. Tangling us up with its crooked wire and leaning posts.

and the reality that we are stuck starts to poke at us. It starts to hurt when a situation that we didn’t really ask for or intentionally set our selves up in starts to cramp our comfort. Its stirs up panic in our otherwise logical self that we’ve been stuck this way for months - even years, with no hopes of finding the other side.

how could it be that the way we planned is not yielding what we planted? what do we do with our days when our here and now wasn’t supposed to be this way? Why have we been permitted to stay stuck as victorious as we’ve been striving to live?

I think the majority of the ‘kiddy pool’’ pep talks out there would give us a luke warm rendition of ‘If you can bloom here you can bloom anywhere”. Saying that we don’t have to be defined by our hard times in the wirey twines. but I don’t think that is true.

somewhere between where we are from and where we are headed. he tells you to bloom. somewhere between a season of normalcy and a season of suffering. he tell you to bloom. Somewhere between what we thought we had figured out and the sudden drop into everything unfamiliar. he tells you to bloom.  And like the flowers - we do it. that how we reflect his glory.

Its not commanded that we put on a mask and face things with a fake smile. Outwardly we are not called to pretend that our current situation is beautiful and we condone every bit of chaos surrounding us. we won’t deceive our heart or others that we don’t need help, fellowship or prayer. its not about being out of touch with our reality - it is about being in feel with the one who controls it

in fact the fence we are caught in on the way to the pasture we want to be in should be our cue to be joyful. (james 1:2)  Because robing things with Joy is what he does. (ps 65 12 ) and so we do it because He is our glory and joy (1 T 2:20)

but these things that we live in, with and around cannot take, separate or severe the joy we can receive from the one who sees. (rom 8:38) if he says to look to him and be encouraged we do it. Ps 34:5 Those who look to Him are radiant with joy; their faces will never be ashamed.

Flowers are so fickle and fragile. Dependent on water and light. On the right environment to bloom. Indeed the bible says they wither quiet easily. But the fact is they do bloom. They bloom where they are planted and bloom where they are blown. They bloom during a wirey, climb during a passing from pasture to pasture. Because their posture looks up.  p 34:5

So like that rusted barbed wire, i hope that this snags the attention of the right person. if you are not in a season of absolute madness that you can’t control then this probably won’t hold much weight. but if you seem to find yourself stuck between two pastures - the one where you came from and the one where you are headed; please take heart and find joy.

This isn’t about being blooming where your planted. This isn’t about moving out of where your from. This is about joy in the rigid rugged place where you’ve ended up. understanding that every place we travel is under Gods control. if he says look at him with joy and bloom you do it. its not forced its natural because everything in nature is obedient to his voice.

no matter where you are trying to grow (in, out , away or toward) remember this simple analogy that will remain a classic truth in every circumstance. Roots take water, leaves take sun to grow. Be rooted in living water drinking daily from the one who gives it in abundance, and keep faced toward the Son/Sun who gives light, and life to those who gaze their focus on him. You have two life sources. Roots to living water. Face to Son.

Gods handiwork is especially baffling when we decided to bloom out of season in a place where no one expects it.

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