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Dear Fellow Barrel Racer,

I'm assuming you and your horse got my 'letter' - the one that had the inflection of the voice we all have in our head, taunting us; who do you think you are...? Followed by a series of circumstantial questions leading us to believe the statistic that it will be low for us to succeed at barrel racing with a level of excellence.


I'm so glad you are here! Because now we can call the bluff that who we are, what we have, and how we do it  isn't good enough...IS A LIE!!!

Maybe you are here because you are tired. Tired of the announcer say 'Ohhh sorry a plus 5 for a down barrel' or 'Thaaat looked like it hurt!" as you crack your shin to smithereens. Tired of looking at the results posted after every run and seeing your name in the crack...again. 

Maybe you are here because you are fed up. Fed up with the trendy training schemes that offer little more substance than empty barrel. Fed up with investing everything you have into your horse and having nothing to show. 

Maybe you are here because you are confused. Confused about the analogies that "top barrel racing trainers" use that honesty make no sense. Confused about why doing 500 counter-arch drills has improved nothing.


Or maybe you are just cynical - waiting for this text to read: "what you know isn't enough - sign-up so I can fast-track your skills!!! Learn all the secret tricks and tips that the pros know in 20 minutes with these tips and drills!" so you can laugh.

The truth is - you are validated in all these feelings, because to be honest the barrel racing industry doesn't offer much support in the way of a traditional education in developing the human as a horseman or the horse as an athlete. 

I'm, Kathleen Rossi - and me and my team in Texas rallied up because we felt the same as you. We rallied up, because we were fed up, tired, and confused. Between all of us, we each invested in one too many disappointments that came in the form of clinics, personal coaching programs, and educational media.


The common themes that we were bamboozled by were these:

 -all the instruction given in relation to barrel racing was so VAGUE

 -all the instruction was based solely on analogies NOT TRUTH


How is anyone supposed to pursue excellence on the barrel pattern (whether a money making rodeo career or just a solid 3D run) with THIS  infrastructure as their education system ??  Vague concepts and over-used analogies make it impossible to effectively teach those who are hungry to learn. 

Once we discovered what was hidden in plain sight, we shook our heads in frustration. "Why has NO ONE ever told us this?" We would run across training videos online and furrow with dismay "that was just an analogy - that example made NO sense!" And the most fascinating thing of all we found...?

None of these accessible training fads are in the existence of truth. 

With empathy and experience we concurred on two main points:

As the student -  it is hard to go against the advice of someone who seems 'higher' up than you on the barrel racing ladder.


But the reality is - buckles can be blinding. We are prone to listen in agreement with what 'professionals' might think even if it isn't in alignment with our values. We just blindly trust them, because we figure they've been places that we only dream of going.

As the professional - maybe people truly just didn't know any better. They were just doing the best they could with what they knew at the time. Maybe they had more reverence for tradition than an actual passion for the truth. And perhaps they never grew their knowledge because they never tested that education against excellence?



Coming in the Spring of 2019 - 

we are offering limited enrollment to Better Barrel Racing in 3-2-1 ™ course . 

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No more wrestling between your values and traditional beliefs. No more fighting with frustrations of discerning what is true technique over training trends. No more exhaustion from battling thoughts of feeling like you will never know, do, or be enough to enter into levels of excellence in barrel racing. 

No more trying to make clear complicated vague concepts handed down by generations. No more clarifying dangerous analogies that are just getting us into trouble. No more unfruitful trips to the training pen, endless circles abounding. 

We are offering a simple, safe, successful program that will knock your socks off! (OR rather cause you to blow a shoe, break a rubber band, loose a stirrup, - in the best way possible.)

It is not worth our time to dupe you into signing up by scamming "come take the plunge! It's sink or swim without this program."  Your dignity means more to us than that. We've build this course to make friendships and build connections above all else.

We are simply offering a leg up, to come ride with us! It would be our delight if you would consider enrolling for our online course, or attending an in-person clinic. And it would be our honor if you would share this page or the "Dear Fellow Barrel Racer" video with a friend who you would want to come ride with us too. 

If you are more than ready to get information as we prep for launching this course scroll down below and type in the best place we can reach you. We will be ready for you this coming spring, and we hardly wait experience the breakthroughs with you! 

A saddle is a seat for your dreams to sit on-so plant that thing up there and hang on! Because just like watching the barrel racers in Vegas at the NFR, Spring 2019 can't come quick enough! 


Someone who knew you could do it the whole time. 

 P.S. One thing we pinky promise *no stupid counter arching drills and *no terminology you have to pretend to understand. 

© Run2Win 2018 

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