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Know your source, 

know your horse.

"How would you run, if you knew you couldn't lose?"

Run2Win is a complete educational system for both horse and rider that want excellence in barrel racing. Our students have faith deeper than rodeo ground, and their horses stand up square in the bridle of truth. The partnership at hand is also one that is present in heart. Their horsepower seen from the outside, is ignited from inside and can't be denied.  

They're champions because they know their source, and they know their horse.

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You're invited!

Our Servuces
Better Barrel Racing in 321™

This Course will be available soon. You can take a sample of it now for free!  Please make sure you are subscribed to be aware of when enrollment is open.

Winning Warm-Ups ™ Course

This course is for the competitive rodeo or barrel racing athlete - focusing on instruction and tools for equine soundness on the road. 

Clinics and Coaching 

In person learning 

opportunities for those craving to put concept to context of riding on the pattern. Sign up to host. 


"Kathleen's program taught me what I didn't receive from a Bachelor's degree at a University teaching horsemanship. "

Molly V.
athlete, competitor


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